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In 2016, Hennessy's Marketing Campaign accelerated in the bar and nightlife industry. TDC was approached by Hennessy's local brand manager to pushed the marketing and promotion to District Bar & Nightclub. Since we own the venue, strategic events with our promotion partners has always been a hit! Hennessy's objective was to change the consumer behavior and perception of the high-end cognac. The client wanted this brand to be exposed to younger and more trendy target demo from the ages of 21 - 25.


  • Event & Experiential Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Live Photography


The client approached TDC in 2016 during our grand opening month of District Bar and Nightclub. The brand manager's goal was to build a relationship with our venue and marketing team through live events and experiential campaigns. After a year of events and marketing campaigns, we can definitely say - Hennessy is now in rotation with some of the other top brands in the industry. And Yes, our liquor order has definitely gone up!